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Unleashing On-Chain Data Streams

A journey into the future of seamless, real-time on-chain data access.
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Syntropy & KYVE: Merging Paths in Blockchain Data
Emilis Klybas
Syntropy and KYVE are Merging Historical and Real-Time Blockchain Data

Unlock the united potential of historical and real-time blockchain data through unique tools and solutions developed by KYVE and Syntropy. This case study explains the impact on blockchain analytics, DePIN, DeFi, and more.

Syntropy in March'24
Džiugas Čiūras
Syntropy March Update: New Investors, AI Insights, and Interoperability

Relive all the March ‘24 Syntropy happenings in our monthly update. Discover how strategic investments, AI insights, and the onboarding of our first community validators are catapulting us towards the Monaco stage and mainnet launch.

How AI and the Data Layer are Revolutionizing the Web3 Ecosystem
Jonas Simanavicius
How Real-Time Data Streams Will Power the Next Generation of AI

Explore the transformative power of real-time data streams on AI. Learn how Syntropy's Data Layer is setting the stage for groundbreaking AI applications by providing seamless access to blockchain data. Discover the future of intelligent technology today.

Emilis Klybas
Syntropy Bolsters Cap Table with New Strategic Investors

In anticipation of Q2 2024 mainnet launch, Syntropy onboards key crypto investors to support its mission in revolutionizing Web3 with real-time data infrastructure solutions.

Syntropy February Monthly Update: Public Data Layer Access Launches
David Harrington
Syntropy February Update: Silverstone Launch and Other Milestones

Explore Syntropy's exciting February highlights: the Silverstone launch, CEO Daniel Haudenschild's debut, and strategic validator partnerships. Learn about our impact on the Data Layer and Web3, leading up to the Monaco Stage.

Jonas Simanavicius
Silverstone Goes Live: Data Layer Opens Up To The Public

Silverstone's launch signifies the introduction of open, public access to the Data Layer, democratizing real-time blockchain data for all. Embrace the potential of real-time blockchain data through seamless decentralized data interaction for developers, traders, and communities alike.

Understanding the Hidden Value of Real-Time Data
Jonas Simanavicius
Unlocking Efficiency: Real-Time Data in the World of DeFi and DEXs

Real-time, cross-chain data is key to success in DeFi and DEX trading, enabling better strategies and risk management. Explore the challenges of accessing live data and the potential of decentralized platforms.

Emilis Klybas
NOIA Token Release Schedule for H1 2024

Discover Syntropy's forecast for the NOIA token unlocks for the upcoming six months of 2024, including the current token pool developments and more.

Emilis Klybas
Syntropy Announces New CEO to Drive Growth Ahead of Mainnet Launch

Syntropy announces Daniel Haudenschild as its new CEO, marking a significant step in the company’s journey towards being the leader in Web3 data oracle services.

Syntropy in January'24
David Harrington
Syntropy January Monthly Update: Silverstone in Full Swing

Syntropy's January 2024 update includes MetaMask integration, DePIN insights, AI partnerships, and more. Explore our advancements in Web3 and blockchain for a decentralized data future.

Jonas Simanavicius
RPCs vs. APIs: A Simple Guide

Delve into the world of RPCs and APIs in Web3 and blockchain technology. Discover their vital role in enabling communication between components and explore real-world examples showcasing their practical applications. Explore the future of real-time Web3 data access with RPCs and APIs.

Understanding the Syntropy's Data Layer
Jonas Simanavicius
Syntropy 101: The Tech Behind the Data Layer

Syntropy streamlines Web3 data access in real-time for developers, traders, and builders, eliminating node issues and bypassing APIs for instant blockchain data integration.

Jonas Simanavicius
Decoding DePIN: The Decentralized Future of Real-World Infrastructure

Explore how DePIN empowers builders to build and manage infrastructure, real-world use cases and projects, and how Syntropy’s Data Layer is playing a key role in the DePIN ecosystem of tomorrow.

Monthly Update: Syntropy in December '23
Džiugas Čiūras
Syntropy December Monthly Update: Roadmap for 2024, Monza Launch, and Partnership with KYVE Network

Discover Syntropy's December achievements: Read more about Data Layer's roadmap, the successful launch of Monza, and a strategic partnership with KYVE.

Monza Launch: Advancing the Data Layer
Jonas Simanavicius
Monza Goes Live: Top-Speed Blockchain Data Streaming Begins

Syntropy's Monza Launch is setting a new standard in data availability and transparency, particularly in DeFi. Featuring enhanced real-time data capabilities for DEXs and cross-chain operations, learn how Monza sets the stage for the upcoming Silverstone phase.

Solving Data Challenges in the Cosmos Ecosystem
Domas Povilauskas
KYVE and Syntropy Partner to Provide Full-Scope Web3 Data on Cosmos

Discover how KYVE and Syntropy are partnering to tackle the challenges of blockchain data access in the Cosmos ecosystem. A collaboration made in heaven and a huge leap towards enhancing data accessibility and integrity. Paving the way for more innovative and efficient Web3 applications.

Jonas Simanavicius
Syntropy Stages: The Data Layer's Grand Prix

Syntropy is initiating the first of three stages leading up to the Data Layer. Discover how each step paves the way for a revolutionized blockchain data ecosystem, from invite-only beta and public release through to the full Data Layer.

Syntropy in November 2023
Džiugas Čiūras
Syntropy November Monthly Update: The Calm Before the Storm

Despite the calm November, we've had some noteworthy moments, including an informative blog post featuring core players in the Data Layer and our latest engaging podcast with Jonas.

David Harrington
The Data Layer: Core Players and Their Roles in the Biggest Blockchain Exchange

Explore the vital roles of Publishers, Brokers, Subscribers, and Observers within Syntropy's Data Layer. This comprehensive guide illustrates how these actors collaborate to power the biggest decentralized Web3 data exchange.

Syntropy in October 2023
Džiugas Čiūras
Syntropy October Monthly Update: From Whitepaper Release to WebRTC Advancements

October's update from Syntropy focuses on key developments like the Data Layer Whitepaper, the Data Layer using WebRTC, and engaging Twitter Spaces with Lossless. Dive in to catch and join us on our journey towards democratizing blockchain data access.

Jonas Simanavicius
Syntropy’s Next Milestone: The Launch of Our Data Layer Whitepaper

Explore Syntropy's revolutionary Data Layer protocol in our comprehensive whitepaper. Learn how we're democratizing blockchain data access and enabling real-time, event-driven applications for DeFi, TradFi, security, and more.

Jonas Simanavicius
The Missing Piece of the Decentralization Puzzle: Browsers & WebRTC

Explore the role of WebRTC in decentralized, peer-to-peer browser communication. Understand the challenges of browser communication and innovative solutions Syntropy is implementing to align Web2 tech with the Data Layer and blockchain infrastructure.

Džiugas Čiūras
Syntropy September Monthly Update: Private Testnet Initiation, Publisher Portal Launch, and Insights from Token2049

Explore all things Syntropy in September, from the debut of Private Testnet and Publisher Portal to updates on the Builder's Program and Open Syntropy Initiative. Discover how we're shaping the future of Web3 with truly decentralized blockchain data access.

Džiugas Čiūras
Syntropy August Monthly Update: Showcase Unveiled, CTO Insights, and Ambassador Program Revamp

In this monthly update, we'll take a comprehensive look at what we've accomplished, what's in the pipeline, and how these steps align with our mission to reinvent blockchain data access with the Syntropy Data Layer.

Emilis Klybas
The Invisible Billion-Dollar Market: Blockchain Data Access

The blockchain data market is one of the biggest sectors in Web3. Explore the state of the current market and how real-time blockchain data fuels on and off-chain applications. The demand for data is growing exponentially, and decentralized access frameworks are shaking up the industry.

Džiugas Čiūras
Syntropy July Monthly Update: The Dawn of Data Democratization

Unveiling the Syntropy Data Availability Layer, Roadmap for 2023, and more.

Beata Lipska
Syntropy Builders Program: Empowering Innovators in the Blockchain Space

The program offers a unique opportunity for builders to contribute to Syntropy's Data Layer vision, leveraging their skills to create impactful projects within the Web3 ecosystem.

Jonas Simanavicius
Syntropy's New Roadmap: Building the Biggest Blockchain Data Economy

Explore Syntropy's ambitious roadmap for the next two years. From Developer Portal release to Mainnet launch - join us on our journey.

Jonas Simanavicius
Syntropy Study: Benchmarking Data Delivery and Latency on Ethereum

Explore how Syntropy outperforms centralized blockchain data providers. Gain insights into how the Data Availability Layer optimizes real-time data delivery in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Beata Lipska
Aptos Blockchain Power: Our Hack Holland Journey

From our Aptos blockchain workshop to inspiring keynotes & future collabs, we're sharing it all. Dive back into HackHolland with us.

Jonas Simanavicius
Syntropy Study: Aptos Blockchain Real-time Data Streams

Out of 40+ blockchain data providers, only Syntropy and two others offer Aptos data. Syntropy leads in speed.

Džiugas Čiūras
AMA Recap: New Vision Reveal

The last AMA session not only highlighted how the new shift is the best use case for Syntropy, but its broader impact on the Web3 landscape.

Domas Povilauskas
Presenting the New Vision: Syntropy Data Availability Layer

Learn everything about the strategic shift and get an insight into Syntropy's evolution.

Domas Povilauskas
Syntropy Raises $4 Million to Unlock the Web3 Potential

Learn how these funds will help Syntropy grow and further build towards a decentralized future.

Jonas Simanavicius
L0s, L1s and L2s: What Are They And Why Do We Need Them?

Let's break down each layer in the blockchain to understand how these layers function with one another and where Syntropy plays a part as Layer 0.

Domas Povilauskas
Top 3 Industries with the Highest Blockchain Adoption Rates

Let's take a close look at the top 3 industries that are utilizing blockchain and explore how they're incorporating it into their businesses.

Džiugas Čiūras
Monthly Update: Syntropy in February '23

Let's review the progress our team made during last month.

Beata Lipska
How to Use Syntropy Stack - A Guide

Here's an in-depth tutorial on how to start using Syntropy Stack & access network optimizations in four simple steps.

Džiugas Čiūras
Monthly Update: Syntropy in January '23

Let's review the progress our team made during last month.

Domantas Jaskunas
NOIA Token Release Schedule for 2023

Presenting an updated circulating supply schedule in order to ensure complete transparency regarding our plans for 2023.

Jonas Simanavicius
Anticipating the Syntropy Network Public Launch

Mark your calendars for the 6th of February - the powerful Syntropy Network optimizations will become available to the public.

Džiugas Čiūras
Monthly Update: Syntropy in December

Let's review the progress our team made during last month.

Jonas Simanavicius
Case study: Entain x FIFA World Cup

Learn how Syntropy improves customer network performance and resiliency.

Jonas Simanavicius
Syntropy chooses Cosmos for Web3 development

A significant step for Syntropy and a giant leap forward for the wider Web3 community.

Džiugas Čiūras
Monthly Update: Syntropy in November

Let's review the progress our team made during last month.

Domas Povilauskas
Zenlayer Signs Partnership With Syntropy

Zenlayer will open up their network and operate DARP nodes at strategic locations within their network.

Džiugas Čiūras
Monthly Update: Syntropy in October

We are bringing back the monthly updates! Let's review the progress our team made during October.

Domas Povilauskas
Top 4 Growth Industries Limited By Latency

Technology markets are growing steadily and solving latency challenges has never been more critical.

Jonas Simanavicius
Syntropy Community Technical Update

Let’s reflect on our last six-month technology achievements and see what is coming next.

Domas Povilauskas
How Telco Players Are Becoming Enablers of Web3

The telecom industry is facing an increase in demand for Internet bandwidth. That’s a problem because the current infrastructure can't keep up.

Beata Lipska
Syntropy Stack + Terraform by HashiCorp: Infrastructure Integration

Developers can now use Syntropy Stack with a native Terraform integration.

Domas Povilauskas
PCCW Global Signs Partnership With Syntropy

PCCW Global will deploy and operate Syntropy’s DARP Nodes at strategic locations within their network.

Domas Povilauskas
The Global Cost Of Latency in 2022

Latency and the resulting service outages are the biggest threats to the modern Internet. With an ever-growing demand for bandwidth and increasing global Internet use, every millisecond of delay adds up to network congestion issues that frustrate users and cost companies a small fortune. Today, we take an in-depth look at the numbers to answer a single question: What’s the global cost of latency in 2022? In 2014, Gartner estimated network downtime to cost an average of $5,600 per minute, ext

Trond Vatten
Achieving Maximum Compliance via Zero Trust Security

There is no doubt that ISPs are taking advantage of the current internet infrastructure for their economic gain. Learn how we can achieve maximum compliance on the internet via zero trust security.

Quadri Sheriff
Getting Started With Network Automation

Here's everything you need to know to get started with network automation and visualization.

Bobby Iliev
Understanding the Zero Downtime Deployment

Learn why it is important to have zero downtime deployments, how to implement them in your application, and the potential risks and benefits of implementing them.

Janet John
Everything You Need To Know About The Docker

Nowadays, any mention of containers and most people would think about Docker. In this tutorial, you will learn about Docker and its benefits in the development cycle.

Joshua Decatur
Syntropy Roadmap

Web3 and blockchain adoption is gaining momentum quickly. Over the next 18–24 months, Syntropy team will build a network infrastructure suitable for the environment operating at scale.

Jeffrey Lacouture
Entain Officially Becomes Syntropy Customer

Sports Betting and Gaming Giant Entain is a Leader in the Adoption of Syntropy to Improve the Internet for Web3.

Denislav Gavrilov
Hybrid Cloud Computing - The Modern Approach

Let’s explore infrastructure, cloud, and most importantly - hybrid cloud. What is a hybrid cloud? How can you benefit from it? Well, not to spoil but there is no specific 'need' for you to be utilizing hybrid cloud architecture. There are, however, points which may help you lean that direction.

Preparing your macOS dev environment for the Syntropy Stack

Taking the time to set up your local dev environment properly pays dividends down the road. Let's go through the steps for getting yourself squared away for Syntropy Stack.

Agbo Joel
Building Trustable security through Zero-Trust networks

Our current information system is built on belief; trust is a more precise term. Trust that the lady over the counter handles the inventory correctly, trust that the social media application developer isn't selling out personal data, trust that the internet service provider isn't eavesdropping on the ongoing conversation. Despite tremendous technological developments, vital information is being put out on the internet by users relying on the belief that others on the other end handle them prope

Domas Povilauskas
Syntropy Awarded Patent That Is Foundational To The Future of Web3

Patents are an essential element in protecting the core technology and laying the foundation for the technology to be globally accepted and adopted.

Michael Sanni
API Gateways and Service Mesh

If you are very familiar with the Microservices Architecture space, you would have heard about Service Mesh and API Gateways. Learn what a Service Mesh and API Gateway is, when to use them, and how they overlap.

Trond Vatten
End-to-end security with Syntropy

Exploring Zero Trust architecture and how we can achieve end-to-end encryption in a Zero Trust-based global internet with Syntropy.

Jonas Simanavicius
Technology Update: A Letter from Syntropy CTO

We are working tirelessly to fully decentralize our software and network. From here on, everything we do will create a foundation for a truly decentralized Layer Zero solution for Web3 and beyond.

Domas Povilauskas
2021 Year-End Update from CEO Domas Povilauskas

Last year focused on preparing for scaling technology and business. After years of PoC and Pilot launches with companies of all sizes and geographical reaches, we are ready to achieve the next level of Syntropy's evolution.

Adebiyi Adedotun
Pioneering a New Frontier Using Containerization

Virtual machines allow you to run an operating system as an application on your desktop that behaves like a full, separate computer by sharing resources.

Rahul Kurup
Beginner’s Guide to Wireguard

A beginner’s understanding of what VPN protocols are, how Wireguard works as a VPN protocol, plus a description of its features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Abhinav Dumbre
Achieving Zero Downtime Updates With Kubernetes

Learn how to use Kubernetes to perform zero-downtime updates by leveraging its rolling update functionality.