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The Data Layer
for Web3

Decentralized, multi-purpose data availability layer for applications and blockchains

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Syntropy is building a multi-chain data availability layer, providing a decentralized and scalable way to access, retrieve and interact with real-time and historical on-chain data.

Full node
Data Layer

Syntropy creates an incentive layer for blockchain nodes to stream current and historical data and participate in data availability attestation solutions.

Through decentralised protocols blockchain data becomes easily accessible for any application or derivative products dependent on data availability.

Syntropy replaces reliance on RPC nodes and APIs and introduces a decentralised way to interact with the blockchain and build a new generation of scalable dApps.

Real-time data streams

We're creating a foundation for responsive dApps & blockchain services with real-time data streams for finalized transactions & mempool. Our open-source ecosystem allows instant data sharing between blockchains, fostering scalable communication and high-throughput in dApps.


Streaming historical on-chain data

Our goal is to unify real-time & historical data through decentralized streaming, contrasting with traditional APIs by providing instant data access. Our system incorporates historical data in real-time streams, allows detailed filtering, and is built for maximum redundancy & data availability.

Data Availability Network

Data availability issues hinder scalable, secure, decentralized blockchain solutions. A data availability layer is key for light clients, chain scaling, and rollups.

In the Data Availability Network, full nodes handle fraud proof construction and block data recovery, while light clients perform data availability sampling, approving or rejecting block data based on completeness and availability, without verifying all data.

The fastest on-chain and mempool data

Syntropy revolutionizes the way we access real-time blockchain data, providing on-demand, low-latency streams of transactional data directly from the mempool, all in a decentralized way

Aptos's blockchain data will be available for use at the forthcoming Hack Holland hackathon in Amsterdam.

Start Streaming

We invite you to use the button or command line to interact with the Syntropy Data Layer and see how fast it really is.


A patented protocol based on a distributed ledger technology that connects nodes, computers, and servers into a single mesh network.

Explore DARP

Syntropy Chain

Syntropy Chain provides the authentication, authorization and accounting - all functions operated by nodes on Syntropy’s native blockchain and powered by our native NOIA token.

The token is the integral part of the solution - it serves as the gas for data in our ecosystem and it aligns incentives of the Syntropy Data Availability protocol.

Get early access

On-chain data from any blockchain in one place

Leveraging Syntropy's real-time data streams users will be able to conveniently access data from multiple blockchains and applications in one place.

Launch showcase dApp

Our protocol, currently in its pre-Alpha stage, will soon be available to the community as it enters the Alpha phase.

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