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The Data Layer
for Web3

Decentralized, multi-purpose on-chain data streaming oracle for applications and blockchains

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Syntropy is building an on-chain streaming oracle, providing a decentralized and scalable way to access, retrieve, and interact with real-time blockchain data.

Full node

Syntropy creates an incentive layer for blockchain nodes to publish on-chain transactions in real-time.

Syntropy Data Layer

Blockchain data becomes easily accessible and is used to build products dependent on real-time data.


Syntropy replaces reliance on RPC nodes and APIs by introducing a decentralised way to access on-chain data.

Real-time data streams

We're creating a foundation for responsive dApps & blockchain services with real-time data streams for finalized transactions & mempool data. Our open-source ecosystem allows instant data streaming from blockchains, fostering scalable communication and high-throughput in dApps and Web3 products.


On-Chain Streaming Oracle

Real-time data issues hinder scalable, secure, decentralized blockchain solutions. On-chain streaming oracle is key for light clients, chain scaling, and rollups.

In the Data On-Chain Streaming Network, full nodes handle fraud proof construction and block data recovery, while light clients perform data sampling, approving or rejecting block data based on completeness and accessibility, without verifying all data.

On-chain data from any blockchain,
all in one place

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DeFi: Where Speed Matters

Getting accurate prices, and the volume traded on a DEX is not straightforward. Prices depend on the liquidity pools, and every trade affects the outcome.

Up to 97%

Reduced Latency

Real-time liquidity pool information will be the key to for accurate DEX prices. There are multiple pools per trading pair and many DEXs trade wrapped versions of the same tokens.


Native Access

The winners in this environment utilize tools which leverage real-time data for accurate DEX price and volume information.

Blockchain Support

Data Layer Roadmap


2023 Q4
Token Accounting Alpha
Validator Onboarding Enabled
Invite-only Blockchain Environment
Third-party Validators Introduced
Enhanced Block Explorer


2024 Q1
Data Layer Public Access
DEX dApp & Insights Launched
Enhanced Developer & User Experience
Community Node Onboarding
And more...


2024 Q2
Cosmos-native Token Launch
$NOIA Token Bridge Is Live
Enhanced Publisher Experience
A New Look
And more...


The Data Layer whitepaper explains our core mission of democratizing blockchain data access and enabling a new architecture for building real-time, event-driven applications.

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NOIA Token

The token is the integral part of the solution - it serves as the gas for data in the ecosystem as well as aligning incentives of the Syntropy’s Data Layer.

Token Details

Syntropy Chain

Syntropy Chain provides the underlying authentication, authorization and accounting functionality for Syntropy’s Data Layer. All powered by community-ran nodes.

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A patented protocol based on a distributed ledger technology that connects nodes, computers, and servers into a single mesh network.

DARP Matrix