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David Harrington

Syntropy February Update: Silverstone Launch and Other Milestones

March 5, 2024
Community Updates
Syntropy February Monthly Update: Public Data Layer Access Launches

February was full speed ahead for Syntropy, the Data Layer, and the broader open data economy – with the Silverstone stage leading the way. It was a month for strategic internal moves, technical achievements, and new collaborations that helped push the Data Layer into the spotlight of many key conversations and ecosystems within the broader Web3 world. 

And with the Lunar New Year kicking off the month, it’s safe to say that Syntropy truly embodied the year of the Dragon with all of the progress and milestones achieved over the last 30 days. From our exciting new CEO announcement to a series of engaging Twitter Spaces, here’s everything that went down in February. 

Major topics include:

  • Silverstone launches public Data Layer access
  • Daniel Haudenschild announced as new CEO 
  • Welcoming key professional validators aboard
  • Epic Twitter Spaces on the Data Layer and DePIN
  • Transparency on the NOIA token release schedule

Silverstone Enables Permissionless Access

The biggest event of the past month was the launch of the Silverstone stage, opening up the Data Layer to full public access, in addition to several key technical enhancements. Full, permissionless access is now enabled to anyone, along with the Data Layer Dashboard for a complete snapshot of the Syntropy ecosystem in real-time.

Data Layer opens up to the public
Read the Silverstone blog for full details

The development team has also published extensive documentation on using the Data Layer, and have also improved the overall developer experience since Monza. We also gave a sneak peek at the upcoming native DEX intelligence layer tool which will use live data streams to help traders view and minimize slippage rates in real-time.

Syntropy Announces New CEO for the Next Era

February also marked a shift in Syntropy’s leadership, with Daniel Haudenschild stepping in as the new CEO. Daniel's extensive experience, including strategic roles at Ernst & Young and significant contributions to the digital asset infrastructure at Swisscom Blockchain and the Crypto Valley Association, aligns perfectly with Syntropy’s forward trajectory.

Syntropy announces new CEO - Daniel Haudenschild
Presenting Syntropy's New CEO Daniel Haudenschild

His leadership is set to catalyze Syntropy’s growth and innovation, particularly approaching the Monaco stage and mainnet launch. This transition, with Domas Povilauskas moving to focus on strategic Web3 ecosystem integration, was discussed with the community in detail via Twitter Spaces on Syntropy’s New CEO & Future Plans.

We’re set for an exciting future under Daniel’s guidance and leadership. So make sure to give him a follow on Twitter and feel free to drop him an @ in the community chat.

Listen to the full Spaces announcing Daniel as CEO.

Elevating the Ecosystem with External Validators

Syntropy also took a major step in strengthening our blockchain environment by welcoming external validators. Last month we announced that Stakin, DAIC Capital, and Saxon are now part of our validator community, bringing with them a wealth of experience and technical capabilities.

Onboarding external validators prior to the mainnet launch
Onboarding External Validators Prior to the Mainnet Launch

It's a strategic move to enhance the integrity and efficiency of the Syntropy network by incorporating professional validators, introducing new on-chain data streams, and setting up robust publishers within our ecosystem. Their involvement will be key in testing our blockchain in real-world conditions, ensuring that the Syntropy blockchain is scalable, secure, and resilient heading into mainnet.

Real-Time Data in the World of DeFi and DEXs

February also saw the release of our blog diving deep into the crucial role of real-time data in the DeFi and DEX spaces. We discussed how immediate access to data can significantly influence decision-making, trading strategies, and ultimately, the success of investors and traders within these rapidly evolving markets.

Understanding the hidden value of real-time data
Understanding the Hidden Value of Real-Time Data

With the DeFi market projected to reach $67.4 billion by 2026, and record-breaking transaction volumes on some DEX protocols, the demand for live, reliable blockchain data will only increase. To tap into this market, Syntropy is already developing solutions for challenges in areas of data latency and transparency that traders face today.

DePIN Spaces, Insights, and Community Sessions

February saw Syntropy participating in several Twitter Spaces that delved into Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN). The sessions primarily featured insights from Syntropy's CTO, Jonas Simanavicius, alongside Web3 experts like Larry Pang of IoTeX and Fabian Riewe of KYVE Network. 

DePIN talk with IoTeX
DePIN talk with IoTeX on Twitter Spaces

Each discussion unpacked the significance of DePIN in shaping secure, decentralized communications and highlighted the importance of leveraging blockchain data for Web3 development. The session on February 13th hosted by IoTeX, for instance, offered a comprehensive look into DePIN's evolution and its future in the Web3 ecosystem. 

Another conversation on February 8th, co-hosted with Fabian from Kyve, focused on the utility of real-time and historical blockchain data, reinforcing Syntropy’s mission to equip developers with the resources needed for further DePIN innovations. Click here for the full recording of the Kyve space and Jonas’ DePIN insights with IoTeX.

Jonas Takes the Spotlight in YouTube Interviews

February also shined a spotlight on Syntropy’s thought leadership, particularly through two insightful interviews featuring our CTO, Jonas Simanavicius. These interviews with notable crypto influencers not only amplified our voice within the community but also provided a deeper understanding of Syntropy’s mission and technology.

Interview with Beanstock 

Jonas’s interview with the Jolly Green Investor on the Beanstock YouTube channel highlighted Syntropy as an emerging leader in decentralized infrastructure and DePIN. The discussion explored the significance of DePIN in the Web3 of tomorrow and outlined Syntropy’s roadmap and milestones for 2024, including  integration within the Cosmos ecosystem and the utility of the $NOIA token.

Discussion with DataDash 

Then there was the impactful session on DataDash, where Jonas and host Nicholas Merten dove into the Data Layer, DeFi, and much more in the near hour long interview. The conversation shed light on the integral role of Syntropy in the evolution DePIN technology, alongside addressing the challenges and opportunities of capturing, accessing, and utilizing real-time on-chain data.

The NOIA Token Release Schedule

Another crucial aspect of our strategy that we unveiled this past month involves the NOIA token release schedule for H1 2024. We outlined the entire schedule in a blog post, starting with approximately 752 million total NOIA tokens into circulation for the remainder of the year.

NOIA token release schedule for H1 2024
Read the full NOIA Token Release Schedule for H1 2024

Providing a detailed release schedule is all about Syntropy’s commitment to transparency and smart growth, ensuring all actors and participants in the Data Layer are well-informed and aligned with our vision for decentralized real-time blockchain data access for all.

February was one of the most incredible months we’ve had in a long time – with the Silverstone launch undeniably leading the way. The amount of support, feedback, and community engagement generated from Silverstone was truly mind-blowing and will give Syntropy tons of momentum heading into Monaco. It was also a month where the Data Layer was featured more prominently than ever across media, and where we introduced a new leader to help guide Syntropy into the next era.

As we build towards the Monaco Stage, expect more announcements, appearances, and updates that will showcase our progress and expand our ecosystem that much further.

About Syntropy

Syntropy powers modular, interoperable data infrastructure across all major chains. At its core lies the Data Layer, a protocol serving as the customizable execution layer between all blockchains, allowing developers to build composable, use-case-specific, interoperable applications that can execute on any data from any chain.

To learn more about Syntropy, visit the Syntropy website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or blog.

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