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Emilis Klybas

NOIA Token Release Schedule for H1 2024

February 6, 2024
NOIA Token Release Schedule for H1 2024

Presenting the annual NOIA token release schedule for 2024.

We’ve ended the year with an active circulating supply of approximately 752 million NOIA tokens, leading to a slight surplus of 3% NOIA in the active circulating supply. This is in contrast to our initial estimate of 734.9 million total NOIA in circulation.

As opposed to previous years, Syntropy is making significant strides within the token ecosystem. This is primarily due to the upcoming Monaco Stage launch, which will coincide with the release of the Cosmos-native token on Syntropy’s blockchain.

Due to the aforementioned release coming in Q2 of 2024, we’re forecasting the token release schedule for half a year in advance to accommodate for the potential changes in Syntropy’s token ecosystem.

In addition, the token release schedule table has been simplified to account for the token pool changes, as most of them have been fully unlocked apart from the Future Financing and Staking & Liquidity pools.

Outlined below is the token unlock schedule through June ‘24. This encompasses rewards disbursed for the NOIA staking program and NOIA liquidity program, investor token unlocks, and general company operation financing. The schedule also includes employee bonuses, marketing expenditures, and various community campaign initiatives.

NOIA Token Circulating Supply
Disclaimer: Please note that the token release schedule presented is based on the information available at the time of this publication. The exact token allocations may be subject to change.

For additional information and transparency, you can find the list of company-owned wallets here:


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Emilis Klybas

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