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Jonas Simanavicius

Silverstone Goes Live: Data Layer Opens Up To The Public

February 27, 2024

Silverstone is officially launching today, opening up the Data Layer for decentralized, real-time data access across major blockchains. Fully opening the Data Layer to the general public will be the biggest development on our roadmap yet, set to revolutionize the way Web3 communities, dApp developers, and DeFi participants interact with data on the blockchain. 

With Silverstone's launch, we're removing the need for invites to access the Data Layer, opening real-time blockchain data to a broader audience. This update enables anyone to interact with streaming on-chain data without specific invites or tech know-how, democratizing live Web3 data access. It’ll also set the stage for the re-introduction of community node onboarding.

From in-house DeFi dApps and enhanced user and developer UX to full permissionless access, here’s the complete rundown of everything that’ll take place during this epic phase – starting today.

Permissionless Access to the Data Layer

With Silverstone, it’s official. The Data Layer is now fully operational and completely open, and anyone can gain permissionless access to fully explore the platform. Syntropy's vision to reshape the Web3 data landscape has come to reality, offering a platform where projects, DeFi traders, and decentralized exchanges can harness real-time blockchain data effortlessly and effectively.

Access the Syntropy Developer Portal.

Silverstone is thus paving the way for more innovative applications and services, powered by immediate and unrestricted access to blockchain data streams across various networks. Whether it's Ethereum, Cosmos, or other major blockchains, the Data Layer is ready to connect users directly to the pulse of Web3 data flow.

To support this transition and ensure a seamless experience for everyone, Syntropy's engineering team has developed documentation and guides. These resources are designed to assist both newcomers and seasoned developers alike in utilizing real-time on-chain data, enabling them to build, innovate, and expand their Web3 projects.

You can access the Data Layer documentation for detailed insights, as well as step directly into the Syntropy ecosystem via our Developer Portal. Here, you’ll find essential tools and instructions for effectively using the Data Layer, including how to subscribe to data streams and utilize our faucet. The next era of real-time data fueled dApps starts now with Silverstone.

The Data Layer Dashboard

As part of opening the Data Layer to the public, we are introducing the Data Layer Dashboard. This platform serves as a comprehensive information hub for the Data Layer, featuring key metrics such as publisher and subscriber activity, governance strength, community sentiment, security audits, and $NOIA token market statistics.

Explore the Data Layer dashboard.

Improved Developer Experience

The Data Layer’s invite-only phase has been incredibly insightful during the past few months leading up to Silverstone’s launch. We’ve let select users test the platform, gathered extensive feedback, and made changes accordingly. The result is an improved UX for the full public launch, thanks to the addition of new features to the developer portal. These improvements make the onboarding and development process more streamlined and efficient for anyone getting started with real-time data.

“Monza laid the foundation, and with Silverstone we’re expanding our ecosystem with the data integration of multiple chains and onboarding external publishers. We've introduced big improvements to our Developer Portal, like Metamask snaps integration and reworked UI, with a focus on improving quality of life for devs and creating a robust, and versatile platform. The engineering team also released multiple updates to Data Layer blockchain and broker network, also kick-starting the onboarding of third-party Validators ahead of mainnet.
Continuous with our ambitious roadmap, we'll be open sourcing parts of our software with an emphasis on publisher and subscriber ecosystem growth. We’re planning new features for the Data Layer, like advanced accounting and data filtering integration. Our vision is to create a thriving environment that not only meets the current demands of developers and users but also anticipates future needs, enabling and encouraging innovation and collaboration within our community of builders." 
- Paulius Gedminas, Head of Engineering at Syntropy

The overall user experience has also been taken up a notch for Silverstone. A more user-friendly interface and advanced search functions are two of the main improvements to watch for. You'll also have the option to log into the Data Layer and associated dApps using MetaMask on Syntropy’s Cosmos-native blockchain.

DEX & DeFi Intelligence Layer

Permissionless access is just one aspect of today’s Silverstone launch. We’ll also be unveiling a new intelligence layer for DeFi users and DEX traders, built on the Data Layer’s multichain streams. Users will now be able to view slippage rates and figures in real-time when swapping from one token to another, helping DEX traders make smarter and more cost-efficient swap decisions.

A teaser to what's coming.

The tool will connect directly to Uniswap, giving traders instant and clear access to slippage rates as they change by the second. We’re addressing one of the biggest and long standing pain points in DeFi and DEX trading, eliminating the guesswork when it comes to setting slippage rates or being caught completely off guard by massive slippage when transactions execute.

Kicking off the DeFi intelligence layer as part of Silverstone will showcase one of the biggest use cases for the Data Layer, and set the stage for the tool to be implemented on other DEXs and DeFi protocols across all Web3 ecosystems. Keep a close eye out for more information in the upcoming weeks!

Community Node Onboarding

Having integrated our initial third-party validators like Stakin, Saxon, and DAIC, our focus will now expand to onboarding community validator nodes. The technical team is currently devising strategies to onboard former validators to Syntropy’s testnet blockchain environment, with the official onboarding happening in the upcoming weeks. All previous validator staking program participants will receive emails with further instructions early March.

It’s important to note that the community node onboarding will differ substantially from the previous validator staking program. The most notable change is that this initiative is targeted towards experienced validator node runners who wish to prepare and test their capabilities for the mainnet’s launch. It’s your way of proving your reputation and node running capabilities ahead of mainnet. Upon mainnet launch, any validator malpractice against the protocol – malicious or otherwise – will automatically be met with token penalties.

Subsequently, validators will not be required to stake $NOIA to participate in the testnet. Those interested in receiving a return for their $NOIA holdings are encouraged to continue staking in the nominator staking program.

The testnet environment is a way to prove yourself to the community as a high-caliber validator. With the launch of mainnet it’s important to build your reputation and gain the trust of delegators – currently called nominators – who will stake their tokens with validators of their own choosing. The more trust you build within the community, the more delegators you’ll attract, increasing the overall percentage of staking profits you’ll receive.

One More Thing

Tomorrow, we’ll introduce a well known protocol that's integrating the Data Layer. This announcement marks a significant milestone for Syntropy, demonstrating the product-market fit in Web3 and verticals within. We also look forward to revealing case studies that showcase the diverse applications and benefits of the Data Layer. These case studies will highlight how the Data Layer enables projects and businesses to harness the power of real-time, on-chain data for their unique blockchain data needs and use cases. Stay tuned.

Sights Set on Monaco Stage

We're thrilled that the Silverstone stage has now opened access to the Data Layer for everyone. It’s the start of a new phase for decentralized Web3 data access, with new dApps and tools accompanied by a smooth UX. With public access kicking off, you can now actively participate in the future of real-time Web3 data.

Monaco stage is right around the corner, and you won’t believe what we have in store. We're unveiling a new identity, transitioning our token to the Cosmos chain, and officially launching our mainnet blockchain. Monaco will showcase the full potential and impact of the Data Layer, with more platform enhancements, partnerships, and ecosystems to come.

With the launch of full public, permissionless access to the Data Layer today, we’re now firmly established as one of the core projects leading the way in Web3 data across DeFi, DePIN, and AI verticals. Blockchain data access, interpretation, and utilization will never be the same – making the Silverstone era one for the ages. 

Ready to jump in and explore the Data Layer for yourself? Get started by accessing the Data Layer Developer Portal. You can also refer to the official Syntropy documentation for more Data Layer information, technical details, and how-to’s.

About Syntropy

Syntropy powers modular, interoperable data infrastructure across all major chains. At its core lies the Data Layer, a protocol serving as the customizable execution layer between all blockchains, allowing developers to build composable, use-case-specific, interoperable applications that can execute on any data from any chain.

To learn more about Syntropy, visit the Syntropy website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or blog.

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