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Syntropy November Monthly Update: The Calm Before the Storm

December 6, 2023
Monthly Updates
Syntropy in November 2023

As Autumn comes to a close, we reunite for the Monthly Update. November may have seemed a bit quiet from the outside, but internally, our efforts have been constant as we prepare for upcoming releases and focus on fulfilling our Q4 objectives. Despite the calm November, we've had some noteworthy moments, including an informative blog post featuring core players in the Data Layer and our latest engaging podcast with Jonas. Here's an overview of everything you need to know that happened in November.

Major topics include:

  • Key Actors of the Data Layer Blog
  • Syntropy Ambassadors Program
  • Jonas visits The Crypto Conversation
  • Community Roadmap Update
The Actors of the Data Layer

In one of November's big blogs, we dove into everyone's role in the Data Layer's operations with "The Actors of the Data Layer." We demystified the roles of Publishers, Brokers, Subscribers, and Observers, explaining their essential contributions to the functioning of the Data Layer. We dove into how each actor interacts within the ecosystem, their motivations, and the incentives that drive the transparent and decentralized exchange of blockchain data. 

It's all part of our ongoing effort to provide clarity around what's to come and foster a deeper understanding of how each party will interact in a mutually beneficial manner in the full-fledged Data Layer.

Key Actors of the Data Layer
Read The Data Layer: Core Players and Their Roles in the Biggest Blockchain Exchange.
The Crypto Conversation with Jonas

November also featured an insightful session with our CTO, Jonas Simanavicius, Brave New Coins’ "The Crypto Conversation" podcast. Jonas discussed the novel approaches Syntropy is taking to revolutionize Web3 data streams, sharing his perspective on how the Data Layer with a wider audience. He explained how the Data Layer will bring a new level of speed and efficiency to blockchain data transactions, also exploring the technical aspects of Syntropy and the Data Layer.

Give the full episode a listen here for some of the best blockchain data insights.
Syntropy Ambassadors Program

Our community managers launched the final sprint of the year on the community enablement platform Zealy. The Syntropy Ambassador Program allows every Syntropy community member to participate in spreading the word of Syntropy. We invite every single one of you to join and contribute to various marketing and other ambassador activities.

Zealy serves as the operating system for community members who are eager to contribute to the project in simple yet rewarding tasks all while aiming to ascend the leaderboards. Throughout the month, participants have the opportunity to earn XP by successfully completing the available tasks. 

To uphold the competitive spirit, at the end of each month Syntroopers who meet the specified XP requirements enter a raffle worth 1000$ (33 x 30$) of NOIA tokens. Eager to participate and win NOIA? Visit the public Syntropy Ambassador community on Telegram and ask for more information!

Start your quest in the Syntropy Ambassador Zealy community here.
Syntropy Roadmap Updates

We acknowledge that November's progress was slower than usual, but we're committed to catching up. As an exclusive Monthly Update teaser for our loyal fan base, we would like to hint that on December 7th, we'll unveil our revised roadmap for the first half of 2024, as we initially promised in the original roadmap blog. This comprehensive blog will detail all of the most important development stages of the Data Layer, including key deliverables and launch plans for 2024.

A sneak peak
A sneak peak to tomorrow's announcement.

Your anticipation for the deliverables, initially outlined in our July roadmap, have not been forgotten. While there have been strategic adjustments to some deliverables, we're enthusiastic about ending 2023 on a high note. Keep an eye out for one last Data Layer announcement coming by the end of December. We'll also discuss this in tomorrow's blog post.

If you have questions, insights, or just want to chat, don't hesitate to reach out. Our community managers are always around on Telegram and Discord, and they genuinely enjoy hearing from you. Your feedback not only helps us improve but also fuels our mission. Thanks for being a critical part of our journey towards democratizing blockchain data access for all!

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About Syntropy:

Syntropy delivers scalable, ultra-fast on-chain data for Web3 across DeFi trading protocols, projects, and ventures. Syntropy revolutionizes access to real-time blockchain data, providing on-demand, low-latency streams of transactional data directly from the mempool. Syntropy works on a decentralized architecture, enabling trust free, oracle-grade access to Web3 data.

To learn more about Syntropy, visit the Syntropy website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or blog.