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Jonas Simanavicius

Syntropy's New Roadmap: Building the Biggest Blockchain Data Economy

July 6, 2023

The past month has been a whirlwind at Syntropy, with the new vision of a universal Data Layer on the blockchain making major waves in both the internal community and wider Web3. With decentralized, low-latency, cost-effective blockchain data being the destination, now is the time to illustrate how we're all going to get there.

This is no minor update. The ability to access and exchange blockchain data with unprecedented efficiency will revolutionize the way developers, companies, and the public interact with blockchain technology. The Data Layer will be the driving force behind any and everything that needs blockchain data, with DARP orchestrating the best pathways for information flow.

That’s why today, we’re sharing details about the first roadmap of this new era, embodying our spirit of total communication, transparency, and community engagement.

And the first steps start now, with Q3 and Q4 deliverables right around the corner, as well as a trajectory through H1 of 2024 that will bring the full-fledged, multi-chain version of the Data Layer to users, developers, companies, and the general public. Once the Data Layer Mainnet is fully operational, the entire Web3 industry will transform for the better by unlocking the hidden value of blockchain data that currently exists behind paywalls of centralized providers.

It's a tech-focused roadmap that will be supported by business development along the way to control what we can and minimize the impact of external factors on our progress and delivery. Each milestone along the way is designed to enhance platform functionality, broaden our technological and data ecosystem, and foster a vibrant community around blockchain data streaming.

From the Developer Portal to complete full launch of the Mainnet, let's explore what lies on the road ahead Syntropy's new era as the main cornerstone and access point of real-time blockchain data in 2023 and beyond.

2023 Q3: Roadmap and Milestones

As we move into Q3 of this year, the community can look forward to several significant roll-outs and enhancements, offering a more comprehensive glimpse of the Data Layer experience from all angles. Moreover, we’ll be sharing Tokenomics and whitepaper documentation, providing detailed insights into the incentive and token utility structures within the Data Layer.

Developer Portal Release & Builders Program Launch

The Developer Portal acts as the doorway to using the Data Layer. By finalizing user flows and launching our Builders program, we'll open up new possibilities for developers. The portal release signifies the readiness of our SDKs, live documentation, and tutorials. Initially, access is gated, and will work hand in hand with participants in the Builders Program launch.

Public Alpha Release

As we strive for transparency, we'll launch our Public Alpha, offering a glimpse into our operations and solutions. This milestone is about sharing, engaging, and speaking freely about the developer portal and other technical aspects of the Data Layer. The Alpha release, facilitated by the prior launch of our Developer Portal, amplifies our visibility and signifies a soft launch of our solution.

Publisher Portal Release

Syntropy prioritizes community empowerment. With this in mind, we’ll be rolling out the Publisher Portal, a tool designed to ease the workflow of community-run publishers. This interface, which is integrated with the Developer Portal, provides a user-friendly environment to encourage participation and collaboration.

The Data Layer Whitepaper

Transparency and understanding are key in any decentralized system. To further this, we’ll present a comprehensive whitepaper with a focus on tokenomics. This will be the key resource illustrating the economic principles driving the decentralized Data Layer, designed to demonstrate the scale of our vision and transparency to the community.

The document will explain our thinking behind the incentive framework and provide detail around things like the broker network, $NOIA token utility, and Mainnet infrastucture. From tokenomics to high-level architecture, this essential document will provide a complete picture of the Data Layer, how it functions, and the $NOIA token’s role as the new currency for Web3 data exchange.

Private Testnet

Our journey will take another significant step with the initiation of our Private Testnet. Migrating from a devnet, we transition towards a stabler chain, setting the stage to showcase Syntropy’s on-chain mechanisms. This major internal achievement lays the groundwork to further expand our developer community and support the Syntropy Builders Program.

2023 Q4: Roadmap and Milestones

First Publisher Providing Historical Data

Our next milestone introduces our inaugural publisher of historical data. This crucial step not only provides access to necessary historical data but also showcases the superior capabilities of Syntropy compared to alternatives. We’ll ultimately compel potential users to consider transitioning to our platform for streaming blockchain data, away from centralized providers.

Historical Data Explorer

We’ll also introduce a Historical Data Explorer for users to access, research, and analyze past data transactions. This tool will be invaluable for understanding the transactional history within the Data Layer, supporting decision-making, and uncovering potential trends and patterns.

Custom Block Explorer

We're also improving Syntropy's default chain explorer to make it a comprehensive tool that displays the state of the entire network. This custom block explorer will display important information, such as real-time network state, usage statistics, and data subscriptions. The goal is to provide greater visibility and transparency into the Syntropy network at any given moment.

Public Beta Version

Our Public Beta version marks the next phase of greater public access to the Data Network. It showcases the full data layer product flows, driven by our implemented tokenomics, albeit still on our testnet. This is a necessary and important step toward our full-fledged solution and will allow us to gain valuable feedback from new users.

Public Testnet & Open Broker Network Growth

Next will be the launch of our Public Testnet, where actual decentralization will materialize with the  onboarding of community-run nodes to our chain. Simultaneously, we're pushing our Open Broker Network Growth to expand our network of brokers with community-run nodes.

Public Testnet and a broader broker network not only advances our decentralization efforts but also opens up opportunities for the community to participate actively in shaping our ecosystem. The broker node network will be powered by DARP to ensure optimized routing, cost, and efficiency for all on-chain data exchanged on the network.

Broker Portal Release

In response to the growth of an open broker network, we're launching a Broker Portal. This tool ensures easy access and participation in network building. Though our network could progress without this gateway, its launch simplifies the setup process for community-run broker nodes and makes it easier to expand the broker network.

2024 H1: Bringing the Full Data Availability Layer to Life

While Q3 and Q4 of 2023 will be laying the groundwork for the full launch of the Data Availability Layer, the first half of 2024 will witness the tangible culmination of our efforts – Mainnet launch. Full access to the Mainnet means that the Data Availability Layer is operational, $NOIA tokens being the means of exchange for real time data streaming.

The start of 2024 will be all about bringing Syntropy's complete platform to the world. The formal portion of the roadmap for H1 2024 is well underway and will be revealed early in the year, just prior to Mainnet launch. For now, we can broadly share some of the main objectives that you’ll see us tackle as 2024 gets underway.

First, releasing the token bridge will enable the seamless transition of the $NOIA token in between the Ethereum Blockchain and the native Syntropy blockchain. Once validated, the token bridge will be what enables the Syntropy Blockchain Mainnet to go live.

This full launch of the full tokenomics-enabled Data Availability Layer marks a major achievement and  true realization of our vision for accessible, affordable, and efficient blockchain data streaming. Real-time streaming of blockchain data will be a reality, representing a major shift in how users, developers, and brokers interact with and benefit from the Data Availability Layer, all optimized for minimum latency and cost.

Launch of the Syntropy Mainnet means that the decentralized data ecosystem we’ve envisioned is brought to life.

As we approach mid-2024, we'll be bringing together all the foundational pieces in what will be the first platform of its kind in the blockchain space. The first half of the year sets the stage for subsequent milestones and ushers in the fully functional, tokenomics-enabled Data Availability Layer, redefining the way blockchain data is accessed and consumed.

The impact of these advancements will pave the way for even more exciting developments as we continue to expand our decentralized vision for blockchain data access and enhance real-time streaming capabilities into the future.

Looking Ahead to 2024 & Beyond

Everything we’ve outlined here and to be accomplished in the official roadmap document serves to fulfill the ultimate vision of using the technology we’ve developed at Syntropy to make every project, protocol, and transaction take place on the Data Availability Layer. Whether it’s a DeFi project needing real-time data streams or a Web2 company delving into blockchain data, the Data Availability Layer will strive to be the best, fastest, and most cost-effective way to do so.

And every $NOIA token holder will own a piece of this new data economy, with Syntropy being the central hub for blockchain data and the token used as a means of exchange to access said data. This model is currently non-existent, unless you’re part of one of the major centralized blockchain data providers. Moving forward, we’ll be not just enhancing the layer, but streamline the incentive and economic structure for all stakeholders and the community.

As we complete each mission on our roadmap, Syntropy will fundamentally transform how blockchain data is accessed and exchanged, breaking the monopoly of centralized providers. This shift towards a decentralized data layer will have a massive impact on the entire data industry – not just in Web3.

Our roadmap over the next two years and beyond is both ambitious and achievable, with the Data Layer eventually becoming the world's primary and largest place for viewing, obtaining, and exchanging real-time blockchain data. Once features like the Developer Portal interface and Broker Network come to life, you'll see and experience exactly how the tech we've worked hard to develop will become globally adopted and shatter the centralized blockchain data monopoly.

Tomorrow, we will have Twitter Spaces with the Syntropy team to discuss the roadmap deliverables in greater detail. Don't miss out on the latest news from Syntropy - keep up with us on Twitter and join our Telegram and Discord communities for maximum exhilaration.

About Syntropy

Syntropy powers modular, interoperable data infrastructure across all major chains. At its core lies the Data Layer, a protocol serving as the customizable execution layer between all blockchains, allowing developers to build composable, use-case-specific, interoperable applications that can execute on any data from any chain.

To learn more about Syntropy, visit the Syntropy website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or blog.

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