As we drive towards bringing the Data Layer to life and reshaping the entire blockchain data ecosystem, it’s important to understand the key actors, players, and stakeholders in tomorrow’s decentralized data economy. Think of the Data Layer as the biggest Web3 data stock exchange, facilitating transactions between a variety of different actors in a fast, low-cost, transparent way.

Publishers are like traders, providing valuable data streams, much like stocks. Subscribers are the investors, paying for streams in $NOIA to power their dApps. Brokers are middlemen, facilitating the exchange on a granular level. Meanwhile, Observers act as the regulatory body, ensuring the integrity and compliance of every exchange.

Here, we’ll navigate through the roles of Publishers, Brokers, Subscribers, and Observers. You’ll learn how they individually and collectively contribute to making the Data Layer’s trading floor smooth, seamless, and fair. Best of all, participation in the Data Layer as any one of these actors is open and accessible to individuals, projects, and organizations.

Publishers: the Source of Streaming Data

On the 24/7 trading floor of the Data Layer, Publishers act as the providers of blockchain data in real-time. It’s the necessary lifeblood of the Web3 economy and industry. Publishers are similar to companies issuing stocks, offering real-time data streams that power a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) across the blockchain.

Publishers also supply a diverse portfolio of data, from transaction histories to live event feeds on a wide range of chains. Anyone who goes to the Data Layer exchange, therefore, has access to streams ranging from mainstream to niche. It all depends on what streaming data Subscribers need for their dApps to operate in a timely and reliable manner

To encourage a steady flow of high-quality data, Publishers are incentivized through $NOIA token rewards. Much like dividends to stockholders, these incentives ensure that Publishers are motivated to maintain the integrity and relevance of the data they provide, which in turn sustains the health of the entire Data Layer exchange and ecosystem.

Graphic showing the interaction between Data Layer actors

Brokers: the Facilitators of Data Exchange

In the Data Layer's exchange, Brokers are the key facilitators that ensure the smooth distribution of data from Publishers to Subscribers. They operate like exchange floor traders, constantly handling the flow of data streams between Publishers and Subscribers, ensuring that every data exchange is executed with precision and enabling greater volumes in the exchange.

Brokers' sole role is managing these streams, playing a pivotal role in the Data Layer ecosystem. They act as the connective tissue, linking Publishers’ data offerings with Subscribers’ needs, like financial brokers connecting buyers and sellers in the stock market. Brokers foster a seamless flow of information, handling the dirty work for Publishers and Subscribers.

The operations of Brokers in the Data Layer are key to growth and scalability, as without them data streams between Publishers and Subscribers would slow to a snail’s pace.  Their compensation is also structured to reward efficiency and accuracy, much like commissions incentivize stockbrokers, ensuring that they align their operations with the overall health and success of the Data Layer.

Observers: Ensuring Integrity and Trust

Observers in the Data Layer function like auditors and regulators of financial markets, meticulously ensuring the integrity and trustworthiness of every data transaction between Publishers and Subscribers. They’re the watchdogs of the Data Layer, analyzing the flows to maintain a transparent and honest streaming data marketplace.

Their role of Observers is critical, as they perform rigorous validation and attestation of data, serving as a decentralized checkpoint that verifies the accuracy of the data being streamed. Observers act as impartial judges, certifying that the data passing through the Data Layer is legitimate and untampered.

By safeguarding against fraudulent data streams, Observers uphold the Data Layer's reputation as a reliable and secure marketplace. They’re essential in building and maintaining user trust, which is as valuable as the data streams themselves as we build out the Data Layer for mass adoption. 

Subscribers: Real-time Data Recipients

Subscribers are the cornerstone of the Data Layer’s demand side, the end-users who make practical use of the data streams they receive. They interact with the Data Layer by engaging in a straightforward subscription process, acquiring the necessary data streams that fuel their decentralized applications, and ultimately, the Web3 ecosystem.

The subscription model is akin to a service agreement, where Subscribers select their desired data streams and agree upon terms directly with the Publishers. This process is facilitated by the Data Layer's infrastructure, which ensures that Subscribers can integrate these streams seamlessly into their applications, driving utility and innovation.

Subscribers contribute to the Syntropy ecosystem economically by compensating Publishers with $NOIA tokens. This transaction not only feeds the cycle of value but also fosters a competitive marketplace where the quality and pricing of data streams are constantly optimized for the benefit of the entire network.

The Data Layer will be the hub of blockchain exchange, where Publishers, Brokers, Subscribers, and Observers each play a vital role. Publishers supply the data, Brokers streamline its flow, while Subscribers bring demand and Observers ensure the integrity of the entire operation. Their symbiotic relationships are the cogs that keep the Data Layer's wheels spinning.

It's the collective endeavor of these diverse actors that will propel the entire Web3 ecosystem toward a truly decentralized data marketplace. Their coordinated functions are essential in maintaining a balanced and dynamic data exchange, which is crucial for expanding the entire Data Layer user base and economy

Whether you’re a builder, innovator, or simply a curious mind, now’s the time to dive into the Data Layer Whitepaper and discover how you can engage with the Data Layer as one (or more) of these actors and shape tomorrow’s decentralized data economy.