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Jonas Simanavicius

Syntropy Stages: The Data Layer's Grand Prix

December 7, 2023

With the close of 2023 quickly approaching, our vision for the Data Layer is coming to life with tangible milestones and achievements. As we are closing out the ongoing roadmap, we want to provide even more specificity to how things will unfold over the upcoming quarters, in stages, from ramping up in the Monza stage all the way through the fully functional Data Layer with Monaco.

Syntropy’s Data Layer exists to fulfill the vision of providing data to create the next generation of live, event-driven decentralized applications. The Data Layer is the pinnacle of Syntropy’s technological and development efforts to make Web3 data open, usable, and reliable for every builder, user, and organization on the planet.

The Data Layer Whitepaper told you exactly where we’re heading and how we’re going to get there. We explained the vision of decentralizing and disrupting the blockchain data ecosystem. Now it’s time to take a deep dive into our full sprint to provide data for even better dApps, so everyone knows exactly what to expect from now until Monaco.

With each quarter as the next three stages, we’re giving everyone clarity not just into how we’re completing the roadmap, but dominating the field along the way.

Developers are already building within the Data Layer, seeing what it can do. Monza will be about setting the stage for taking things to the next level and preparing for mass adoption.

First off, we’re starting with our invite-only launch in the last quarter of this year. The Data Layer is already operational and Syntropy will be working with leading projects within the Cosmos ecosystem to build and deploy custom data streams and dApps.

This stage is where we’ll build upon the existing platform and validate the core technical features, user experience, and incentives of the Data Layer for select community members, builders, and partners. It’ll be a key stage for garnering feedback and making adjustments ahead of the Data Layer’s public access.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The Start of Token Utility. In this stage, we streamline the complexities of token accounting. This initial release is about setting a baseline for usability and integration, ensuring a seamless introduction to the token system. It’s the groundwork for more complex features. At this stage, the test tokens spent by Subscribers to credit their subscriptions become earnings for Brokers and Publishers.
  • Ability to Onboard Blockchain Validators. Blockchain's decentralization strength lies in its community. The onboarding of third-party validators is a future milestone that will harness the collective expertise and enthusiasm of our network. It lays the foundation for a resilient and diverse ecosystem, incorporating the community’s technical expertise when the time is right.
  • Equipping the Invite-only Environment. This is where we’ll get the new invite-only environment up and running. We’ll ready the Syntropy Blockchain so that select participants can help us test out the network and provide feedback before it goes fully public.
  • Third-party Validators Enter the Scene. To test our blockchain environment in real-world conditions, we’re onboarding external validators run by industry-renowned professionals in the Cosmos space. This collaboration isn’t limited to the validation of our blockchain. We’ll be utilizing the extensive validator network of our partners to set up Publishers and bring many new on-chain data streams into our ecosystem.
  • Increasing Visibility with the Enhanced Block Explorer. We’re modifying and upgrading the current explorer to handle custom transaction types. You’ll get visibility into custom messages on the Syntropy Blockchain, and eventually insights into accounting metrics and other key information happening on the Data Layer.

The next step is opening up the Data Layer to the public. During the first quarter of 2024, the protocol will be completely open to the public, allowing any user to subscribe to streams using tokens, view real-time data via an enhanced developer UX, and more. It’s a key phase towards showcasing the Data Layer to a wider audience of developers and users ahead of full-scale launch.

Equally significant, our focus will extend to the DeFi industry. Beginning with our proprietary dashboard dApp running on the Data Layer, we are excited to welcome all participants who are frequent users of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). There’s no greater ally to DEX users and traders than speed, so incorporating the Data Layer’s real-time streams will take DEX experiences to a whole new level.

In this stage, we're dialing up the intensity and showcasing the raw capability of our network:

  • Permissionless Access to the Syntropy Protocol: The Data Layer becomes fully operational and accessible to all, letting anyone take it for a test drive. We're incentivizing the community to engage with on-chain activities, to collect, utilize, and ultimately, drive the network's growth and value.
  • Sights Set on DeFi and DEXs. Another key development during Silverstone will be the introduction of in-house dApps catered to the DeFi audience powered by the Data Layer’s real-time streams. Understanding token pair prices, insights into trading volume, and liquidity pool slippage require real-time on-chain data access. To meet these needs, Syntropy will release a tool that captures cross-chain DEX pool information in real-time. This will be instrumental in helping DEX users manage liquidity pools and understanding token pair price with up-to-the-minute data. Keep your eyes peeled for news, announcements, and teasers around DeFi and DEX tools.
  • Enhanced Developer & User Experience. We're shifting into a higher gear for developers. With additional developer portal features, developers can utilize the Data Layer with greater ease, precision, and efficiency. These tools are designed to streamline development and accelerate innovation. In addition, we’re also improving the user experience for all by means of improved user interface, improved search capabilities, and the ability to log-in to Data Layer and its dApps with MetaMask on our Cosmos-native blockchain.
  • Community Node Onboarding in the Pipeline. The potential for community node onboarding is on the horizon. As we expand the network, we invite node operators to join, strengthening the network's decentralization and leveraging the community's collective power to enhance the protocol’s capabilities.

The Data Layer is advancing towards a significant milestone, where its impact on the blockchain data marketplace will be defined by the value it delivers. As we progress, the true measure of success will be the tangible benefits and innovations that Syntropy facilitates for developers, businesses, and the broader Web3 community.

With the arrival of Q2, the Data Layer becomes fully operational, bringing the token economy and utility into play. This introduces a token bridge linking Ethereum with our Cosmos-native Syntropy Blockchain, facilitating the seamless transfer of various tokens, including $NOIA, across these ecosystems. Our commitment to refining user experience and developer tooling will also be a priority, catering to the evolving needs of both Publishers and Subscribers within our expanding ecosystem.

As the Monaco stage develops and the full fledged Data Layer becomes more feature rich, you can expect several key developments:

  • Cosmos Token Launches On Mainnet: This is the moment we’ve been building towards: the Syntropy Blockchain is live on Mainnet. It's the culmination of our team's relentless pursuit of innovation, where the Data Layer becomes the backbone of real-time on-chain data access. It’s a passport to a broader data ecosystem, with more details to come as we finalize the nuances of this expansion.
  • Introducing the $NOIA Token Bridge to Cosmos. A fully operational token bridge connects the $NOIA token between Ethereum and Cosmos, allowing for seamless value transfer and interoperability.
  • Enhanced Publisher Experience: As Syntropy scales we will be making it easier to become Publisher by streamlining the onboarding process together with expanding their toolkit. It will offer a seamless path to becoming a Publisher, one of the key roles in the ecosystem and an active earner in the Syntropy ecosystem.
  • Infrastructure Replatform for Scale: As a growing tech company we need to continually assess its infrastructure. Syntropy will re-platforming critical aspects of the infrastructure to make sure we are fit to scale and grow.
  • A Powerful New Look. To coincide with our full-scale launch, we’ll reveal a new brand identity. It’ll be a fresh paint job, visual identity, and bold statement about the future of the Data Layer. With a new look, we’ll be ready to attract and captivate a broader market, and make a push to redefine how the blockchain data marketplace works.

The Future of Lightning-Fast Decentralized Data    

These Stages are in alignment with our vision for creating a blockchain data ecosystem that will power the next generation of decentralized applications and drive Web3 towards mass adoption – with the Data Layer as critical infrastructure at every turn. 

And with market conditions improving, the racetrack looks primed for Syntropy to power ahead at full speed. 

Ready to step into the driver’s seat of tomorrow’s blockchain data economy? Here’s a few ways to get started 👇

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Syntropy delivers scalable, ultra-fast on-chain data for Web3 across DeFi trading protocols, projects, and ventures. Syntropy revolutionizes access to real-time blockchain data, providing on-demand, low-latency streams of transactional data directly from the mempool. Syntropy works on a decentralized architecture, enabling trust free, oracle-grade access to Web3 data.

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