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Beata Lipska

Syntropy Builders Program: Empowering Innovators in the Blockchain Space

July 24, 2023

Today, we’re proudly launching the Syntropy Builders Program, an initiative designed to empower developers to turn their innovative ideas into reality using real-time blockchain data. The program offers a unique opportunity for builders to contribute to Syntropy's Data Layer vision, leveraging their skills to create impactful projects within the Web3 ecosystem.

The Builders Program includes a wide range of ways to participate and get rewarded, including Grants, Missions, Bounties, and more. Every step offers a distinct pathway for builders to engage with our protocol and contribute their expertise to help shape the future of decentralized real-time blockchain data usage.

With the opportunity to build anything from Cross-DEX arbitrage bots to On-chain AI connectors, the possibilities of building with live blockchain data are truly endless. In this next iteration of the Builders Program, we’ve implemented new processes and systems to provide an even more supportive and streamlined experience for our builders.

We’re here to provide a comprehensive overview of these new procedures, offering insights into what builders can expect when participating in the program.

An Overview of the New Syntropy Builders Program

The Syntropy Builders Program is an initiative aimed at fostering innovation, encouraging creativity, and fueling technological advancement with data streaming. We’re providing a platform for developers, creators, and innovators to contribute to the ecosystem, working on exciting projects, receiving grants, completing missions, or even participating in bug bounties.

Each stage is designed to provide comprehensive support to our builders while fostering a conducive environment for novel projects. Prior to Onboarding, individuals and projects will be vetted and approved via an application process to ensure the right fit. Applicants must ensure their proposals are well-prepared, clearly outlined, and impactful.

After application submission, we’ll conduct a review examining the feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with our goals. Once approved and accepted, Syntropy will arm developers with access to a suite of resources including in-depth documentation, tooling, and a vibrant community of fellow builders to ensure participants can bring their visions to life.

Multiple Ways to Build, Engage, and Claim Rewards

We’ve designed the new Syntropy Builders Program so that builders of every level of knowledge and expertise can gain assistance and be rewarded via multiple engagement paths. Whether you’re seeking direct funding to build the next big thing with real-time data or seeking to complete tasks to test your skills, here’s how builders will gain tangible benefits.

  1. Grants. Secure grants to support the development of your streaming data app, protocol, or project. These grants provide financial assistance to fuel your ideas, cover operational costs, and accelerate your progress.
  2. Challenges. Engage in exciting challenges tailored to stimulate innovation and problem-solving within the data availability space. These challenges not only showcase your skills but also provide a platform to collaborate with like-minded builders.
  3. Bug Bounties. We’ll incentivize and reward security researchers for discovering and responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities in our platform. Help us maintain a secure and robust ecosystem while earning rewards for your valuable contributions.

The Syntropy Builders Program, with its revamped processes and inclusive engagement paths, will be an exciting platform for developers and innovators worldwide in multiple areas of Web3. And once you’re accepted, here’s a deeper dive into what you can expect from the Syntropy Builders Program from start to finish.

1. Kickstarting Your Journey: The Onboarding Phase

A thorough orientation session serves as the first step of the onboarding phase. In this session, builders will learn about the Syntropy ecosystem, important resources for development, and community standards, giving them a strong basis for their projects. You’ll learn about how to use Syntropy’s data streaming protocol before it’s made publicly available.

During the Onboarding process, we’ll share the ins and outs of mentoring office hours, where builders can gain advice and insights from Syntropy’s expert internal engineering team. These resources will be invaluable throughout each builders’ journey by offering advice, responding to questions, and assuring smooth development from start to finish.

In addition, the builders will have access to a huge library of learning materials and documentation. With the knowledge they need to succeed, builders will be able to better comprehend the Syntropy platform, use its tooling stack, and work productively within the Web3 ecosystem thanks to this wealth of information.

2. Realizing Your Vision: The Building Phase

The next step is the core of the Syntropy Builders Program, where the concepts turn into reality. This phase is all about active development and leveraging Builder Program resources to bring your project to life. Throughout this phase, participants receive access to a rich repository of knowledge resources and a dedicated support team ready to address any technical roadblocks.

Participants will also interact with a vibrant community of fellow builders providing peer guidance and shared problem-solving. Regular catch-up meetings will be arranged between the builders and the designated project team members, providing an opportunity for regular check-ins and guidance.

Developer support resources will be made available to assist the builders with any technical challenges, ensuring smooth progression throughout the development process. The building phase also allows for effective management of project scope, addressing pain points, and discussions around milestone dates.

Builders can showcase progress on agreed channels, ensuring transparency and fostering a collaborative environment. This phase fosters active building and iterative progress, marking a significant step in realizing project objectives.

3. Pushing for Progress: The Review Phase

This is where Builders successfully get their project up and running, bringing a tangible project or product for use and testing with the help of their mentor. Upon completing a grant or mission, the evaluation team reviews the deliverables to ensure all milestones and requirements are met, offering a robust assessment of the project outcomes.

And of course, the Builders program wouldn't be complete without token rewards for successfully pushing their projects across the finish line. It's our way of showing how much we respect each participant's blood, sweat, and tears, awarded in the form of $NOIA tokens directly to participants' wallets.

Reward values – decided on a case-by-case basis – are based on the project's scale and impact. These tokens provide tangible recognition of a builder's efforts, while a commemorative NFT will also provide a lasting digital record of the builder's achievement in the Syntropy community.

4. Scaling Success: The Promotion Phase

You’ve built it, now it’s time to make them come. One of the major benefits of the Syntropy Builders Program is that we’ll put you and your project in the spotlight of our ecosystem and the wider world of Web3. This includes case studies, presentations at community events, and recognition on social media channels.

During the Promotion Phase, our goal is to amplify your project's impact beyond our ecosystem. We’ll aid in connecting you with potential collaborators and communities within the wider Web3 sphere, allowing your successfully built project to continue its journey. It’s all about growing adoption and impact in whatever area of Web3 you’re in.

Inspiration for Real-Time Blockchain Data Builders

Syntropy’s streaming data protocol is opening a wide range of new Web3 use cases and applications – and Builders Program participants will be some of the first to experience the benefits. Here are just a few ways that real-time blockchain data can inspire innovation in various sectors, from DeFi and NFTs to AI and gaming:

  • Tooling & Infrastructure. Imagine generating real-time threat detection using blockchain data or building arbitrage bots using tooling and infrastructure, completely changing how we engage with DeFi ecosystems.
  • DeFi. Using real-time data streams, builders can explore new financial derivatives. Use real-time data to create new approaches to areas like financial risk management in the wider DeFi space.
  • NFTs. Imagine developing an active NFT market or a data-driven NFT valuation tool that uses real-time blockchain data for smooth trade and precise assessment. The next leap in NFT marketplaces is incorporating live data.
  • Decentralized Social. Web3 social platforms can now be built utilizing blockchain data that is updated in real-time. Builders can also explore reputation systems to reward positive behavior instantaneously.
  • Gaming. Decentralized game mechanics offer fair play and open reward systems, while real-time tracking and trade of in-game assets have the potential to revolutionize the blockchain gaming space.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Builders can potentially use AI to analyze data or detect fraud or develop connectors that bridge on-chain data. Then there are AI training models using real-time blockchain data feeds. The possibilities are endless.

Kick-start Your Journey and Apply Today

The Syntropy Builders Program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at fostering innovation, growth, and community development. Through its structured phases, continuous support, and meticulous evaluation, the program promotes creative problem-solving, collaboration, and progress within the Syntropy ecosystem.

Ultimately, the Builders Program reflects Syntropy's commitment to nurturing a vibrant and engaged community, fostering creativity, and driving technological advancements. By continuously evolving and improving based on feedback and performance metrics, it remains an essential pillar of Syntropy's community and growth strategy.

Are you ready to join the ranks of builders shaping the future of streaming blockchain data? Begin your journey with the Syntropy Builders Program today 👇

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