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Empowering builders forge the future of blockchain data

Join a vibrant developer community focused on shaping an open blockchain data ecosystem
Unlock potential with our generous grants. Fuel your data-based projects, cover operational costs, and fast-track your ideas towards reality.
Embark on rewarding missions within the Builders Program. Complete specific tasks or reach milestones to earn extra rewards, gain recognition, and access exclusive perks.
Bug Bounties
Join our bug bounty program to find and report platform vulnerabilities. Earn rewards for your valuable contributions while helping us maintain a secure ecosystem.

“Our goal is to empower Web3 creators using the Syntropy Data Layer. We aim to cultivate a community of innovators developing groundbreaking applications and services with on-chain data. We offer resources, support, and incentives to tackle data availability issues and spur cross-industry innovation. Together, we're defining the data future and equipping people to construct a data-driven world.”

Beata Lipska
Developer Advocate & Syntropy Builders Program Lead

Your journey to real-time blockchain data

Phase I:

Kickstart your journey with a comprehensive introduction to the Syntropy Builders program. Tap into resources like documentation, tools, and community channels to connect with peers and mentors.

Phase II:

Bring your vision to life in the Building phase. Craft your project's technical aspects, develop features, and refine the user experience. Celebrate each milestone marking your project's growth.

Phase III:

Step into the Reviewing phase after the successful completion of your milestones. Your project will undergo a final evaluation, and if it meets our criteria, you'll advance to the Promotion phase.

Phase IV:

In the Promotion phase, your project takes centre stage. Enjoy the limelight with potential features, case studies, event presentations, and widespread recognition within the Syntropy community, amplifying your project's success and reach.

Unsure how to leverage real-time blockchain data?

DeFi derivatives:

Financial contracts deriving value from decentralized finance assets.

Unlock exclusive Builder benefits

Exclusive access
Get exclusive access to co-create with talented builders, work closely with an innovative Data Layer, and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology in the Syntropy Builders program.
By actively engaging in the Syntropy Builders community, developers will be rewarded Syntropy clothing, accessories, and other goods.
The Syntropy Builders program rewards active participation with exclusive NFTs, offering developers digital collectibles for potential monetization or trade within the Syntropy community.

Your innovation, our support

Community and Collaboration

Our vibrant Builders Program community fosters collaboration, insight sharing, and peer feedback. From lively forums and group chats to our developer portal, Syntropy Builders are constantly connecting and brainstorming.

UX & Development

Benefit from the expertise of our product engineers and UX designers. We'll provide high-impact guidance on technical implementation, architectural design, and UX optimization to help you create a powerful and user-friendly dApp.

Dev Tools & SDKs

We’re always working to make integration with the Data Availability Layer fast and seamless – in any programming language. With our SDKs and dev tools – complete with instructions and code samples –  integrating will be a breeze.

Financial Support

As a part of the Syntropy Builders Program, you'll have access to grants and funding to cover project, development, and other financial costs. Our aim is to let you focus on turning your ideas into reality.

Technical Documentation

We’ll provide comprehensive guides and tutorials to help you leverage everything the Data Availability Layer offers. Learn how to set up data streams and understand best practices for data management.

Events & Workshops

Participate in exclusive events, webinars, and workshops to accelerate your project. Experience new feature demos, hands-on coding sessions, and hear from industry-leading guest speakers.

Want to be among the first people to build on Syntropy Data Layer?