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NOIA ERC-20 Staking

Registration is open for 500 validator slots, with maximum stakes of 200,000 tokens each for a total of 100 million tokens.

Staking Overview


 on waiting list

Waiting: amount of registered validators that didn’t make the cut due to lesser stake size.

Stake range (NOIA)

Current stake range: minimum and maximum values currently being staked. Only stakes with higher values than the current minimum will be included as one of the 500 final validators.

Stake Rate

Stake rate: Amount of tokens staked divided by the maximum possible amount of tokens staked (100m NOIA). Given maximum demand, the figure should be 100%

Current APY

Current APY: Current annual percentage yield as of this moment. It is decreasing steadily as the program is filling up


Nominator staking has not yet started

Check your wallet


Validator position: your validator position based on registration timestamp and stake


Validator stake: amount of NOIA registered as stake for this validator


Earned NOIA: amount of NOIA accumulated since registration. Check FAQs for when you can claim this yield.


Do I need to have the infrastructure ready starting today?

No, you will only need to prove you meet technical requirements when your validator connects to the network.

Minimum requirements: 4 Core CPU / 4 GB RAM / >200 GB Storage.

When can I claim the NOIA tokens I earned?

Validators will be able to claim yield after technical requirements are checked, and ERC-20 Smart Contracts arrive. Smart contracts are in the final stage of development, awaiting audit, which will take some time due to high demand.

Can I move my tokens during this period?

Yes, you can move your tokens as long as you maintain the minimum required amount of 20k NOIA. However, your rewards directly depend on the amount you stake, therefore changing the balance may affect your earnings. Decreasing stake size is risky when the actual stake ratio approaches its target because you risk losing your position as a stakeholder.

Why did my yield decrease after the reward calculation update?

In the initial versions of the reward calculator, there were bugs in data retrieval from the blockchain. Suppose you have been transferring tokens in and out of the wallet. In that case, some of these transactions could not have been picked up, thus resulting in historical balances of your wallet being too large, and consequently, rewards being more prominent than they should have been. If at some point NOIA balance in your wallet has dropped below the minimum stake size requirement, it might have resulted in a loss of previously accrued rewards.

How are rewards being calculated?

Rewards are being constantly recalculated since the staking program has started. Calculation of the total reward is split into smaller periods of time, depending on the events within stakeholders’ wallets. For example, one such event is when a new wallet joins the list, which already has enough tokens to become a stakeholder. Another possibility is when some existing stakeholder increases or decreases its stake. The period between these events can be mere seconds, or it can be much longer.

For every such period, stakeholders are ranked based on the current stake size and the time they have staked, preserving the order in which they have effectively joined the staking program. Note, that this might not be the time you have filled in the Google form, but instead when your wallet has reached its current stake size.

The current stake ratio and subsequently current inflation for the period are calculated. You can find the inflation formula within the Tokenomics whitepaper. The inflation rate translates into some amount of tokens split among stakeholders proportionally to their stake size. Finally, all periodic rewards are aggregated per each wallet.

How to stop being a validator and what are the penalties?

Before your stake is locked in an ERC-20 smart contract, you can take down your validator, move out your tokens, and you will automatically be removed from the validator list.

When will nominator staking start?

Nominator staking will become available later when ERC-20 smart contracts are fully developed and audited by an external auditor.

What should I do if I keep getting “Wallet address does not exist. Try again” error?

First, double-check if your ETH wallet address is formatted correctly (copy the address from Etherscan to be sure). If the problem persists, it might be that the wallet is not registered. Also, make sure your wallet satisfies the minimum stake size requirement. Otherwise, it will be excluded from reward calculations.

Disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions

Some countries will be excluded from receiving token rewards from Syntropy. Depending on your stake size, we might ask you to submit specific documentation to comply with KYC/AML regulations. Please familiarize yourself with Syntropy Staking Terms and Conditions by visiting