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Manage and monitor your network for free, only pay for the optimized bandwidth you use.

Free tools to get you started with monitoring and setting up secure connections. Top-up optimized bandwidth anytime later.
Free forever
Try for Free
Visibility & network management tools
Network management up to a service layer via UI, API and Terraform
Built in WireGuard configurations
Network health monitoring and analytics
Workspaces to manage networks together
Track network changes with audit log
Access Syntropy Relay Network
Optimize your connections by routing traffic trough Syntropy Relay network. Pay only for optimized connections.
$0.12 per GB
Get started
All as in Starter, plus
Optimize poorly performing network connections
Route around congestion-causing outages without human intervention
Control and optimize traffic beyond the private network
Minimize packet loss and round-trip times automatically
Top-class optimized network-as-a-service for ultimate resilience and support. Comes with dedicated topologies.
Talk to sales
All as in Pay-as-you-optimise, plus
Volume discount pricing
Dedicated topologies
SLA 99.9% uptime guaranteed
Live support


What is the Syntropy Relay Network?

The Syntropy Relay Network is a mesh of relay nodes that form an alternative network by executing the DARP protocol. This self-organization protocol seeks to find the most valuable alternative Internet paths in order to find and route your connection within the most stable and best-performing Internet paths based on route latency, jitter, packet loss, bandwidth capacity, and other variables.

How do I access the Syntropy Relay Network?

All users are granted 50 GB of optimized bandwidth for free to access the Syntropy Relay Network and test out the network optimisations and functionality.

How can I buy additional optimized bandwidth?

Log in to the Syntropy Stack platform, locate the optimized bandwidth indicator and open the dropdown menu. Follow the instructions provided on the screen to complete the purchase. If you would like to receive enterprise pricing, please reach out to our sales team.

Which payment methods does Syntropy accept?

Syntropy Stack currently accepts payments via credit card and bank transfer. The ability to  purchase bandwidth using NOIA tokens will come in the near future.

When does optimized bandwidth deplete?

Optimized bandwidth is only used whenever the Syntropy Relay Network is actively used. If DARP does not detect a better alternative Internet path to use, your connection is routed on the public network which does not consume any optimized bandwidth.

Will my connections stop working if I run out of optimized bandwidth?

If you exhaust your available optimized bandwidth credit, your connections will still function. However, the traffic will then be always routed through the public internet. Once you replenish the credit, your traffic will be routed through the Syntropy Relay Network again.

What support is available for Syntropy Stack?

Depending on the plan chosen, Syntropy Stack offers support options such as a comprehensive knowledge base, email support, and live chat.