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Domas Povilauskas

Presenting the New Vision: Syntropy Data Availability Layer

June 1, 2023

We are proud to announce Syntropy's new strategic focus towards on-chain data and data availability, a decision guided by thorough strategic evaluation. Over the past eight months, our team has invested considerable effort into developing a protocol aimed to become an essential foundation for how dApps and protocols interact with blockchains.

This strategic shift enhances Syntropy's commitment to the Web3 sphere, allowing our protocol to function intrinsically within blockchain structures, and supported by our native NOIA token. This transition positions Syntropy at the forefront of addressing Web3's complexities. It enhances blockchain scalability, replaces reliance on RPC nodes and APIs, and introduces a decentralized method of interacting with the blockchain. The outcome? A resilient, fully-integrated Web3 project that upholds the principles of decentralization, scalability, and security.

Let's delve into all the considerations that guided us on this exciting new journey.

Understanding the rationale behind the evolution

Meeting market demand

The blockchain data sector is rapidly expanding, with organizations resorting to centralized solutions such as Alchemy, and investing millions in infrastructure to engage with data. Indeed, blockchain data has emerged as a highly coveted resource in today's digital landscape. However, the industry faces a critical challenge - the issue of Web3 scalability that must be addressed to accommodate its exponential growth.

As the Web3 market proliferates, the demand for blockchain data is escalating at a similar pace. By tapping into this robust market, Syntropy can leverage its full potential, augmenting our protocol to establish a comprehensive Data Availability Layer for Web3.

Having identified a substantial gap in the burgeoning Web3 industry, our extensive expertise in network architecture and data transport uniquely positions us to rapidly address this need. Utilizing our established technology solutions, we are poised to swiftly introduce this product to the market. Our approach involves adapting our patented DARP protocol to generate a multi-chain data availability layer, offering a decentralized and scalable means to access, retrieve, and interact with real-time and historical on-chain data.

The evolution of Syntropy

The Syntropy Data Availability Layer represents the best application of our routing protocol. At Syntropy, we're known for our speed, precision, and reliability. Underpinned by our patented DARP protocol, we strive to deliver real-time on-chain data streams faster than anyone else.

We are pioneering an incentive layer that motivates blockchain nodes to stream current and historical data while participating in data availability attestation solutions. This constitutes a significant shift towards decentralization, where blockchain data becomes readily accessible for any application or derivative product reliant on data availability.

At Syntropy, we have come up with a way to encourage blockchain nodes to stream current and past data and take part in making data readily available. We are focused to release the most competitive protocol in the market, providing the fastest blockchain transactions and mempool data currently possible. Syntropy Data Availability Layer is built upon a fundamentally different technological foundation, setting a new standard in the Web3 industry.

Built for the Web3

At Syntropy, we are moving away from dependence on RPC nodes and APIs, instead introducing a completely decentralized approach for interacting with the blockchain. This transition paves the way for the construction of a new generation of scalable dApps. We have identified a significant gap in the market, and we're stepping up to bridge that gap with conviction and ingenuity that works in a completely decentralized way.

We are meticulously building the Syntropy Chain as an application-specific blockchain designed to act as the foundation for authorization, authentication, and accounting operations. Each transaction and function within this ecosystem will require the NOIA token as the medium of exchange. Unlike previously, the NOIA token is natively designed into this protocol, rendering it as an indispensable asset in the Web3 space.

In the grand scheme of things, this approach serves a dual purpose. Not only does it enable us to provide a much-needed solution to a glaring market gap, but it also allows us to establish a new paradigm in the blockchain industry, one that is fundamentally decentralized and true to the ideals of the Web3 ethos. As we steer through this thrilling journey of growth and evolution, we remain confident that our innovative approach will augment the potential of the NOIA token.

Financial backing

Our recent fundraising success, raising $4 million, ensures we have the financial backing from the leading figures in the industry to achieve our bold goals. This shift towards the blockchain industry is more than just an opportunity for Syntropy to make its mark in the Web3 space. It also opens a wealth of new avenues for business development, allowing us to craft more effective marketing campaigns and, ultimately, drive the success of our project.

The new focus

To ensure transparency and align expectations, we are meticulously crafting a roadmap that will detail our anticipated deliverables over the next six months. This roadmap will provide a clear timeline for when we intend to launch public access to real-time data streams, initiate Syntropy Chain testnet and mainnet phases, among other significant milestones.

Due to the intricacies of our protocol, our primary focus will be divided into three key pillars:

  • Pillar I: Real-time on-chain data streams
  • Pillar II: Historical on-chain data streaming
  • Pillar III: Data Availability Layer

Pillar I

At Syntropy, our mission is to develop an open-source protocol that democratizes access to real-time blockchain data through real-time data streams. We perceive this as an indispensable foundation that empowers event-driven architectures, thereby enhancing the quality of future applications and decentralized services in the blockchain sphere. The bedrock of the Syntropy Data Availability Layer is real-time on-chain data streams.

We are happy to showcase Aptos real-time on-chain data as the first public stream on the Syntropy Data Availability Layer, and look forward to hosting our first Syntropy workshop for Aptos developers in Hack Holland 2023. Harnessing the power of interoperability, our solution is universally compatible with all blockchains within the Web3 space. Existing full nodes can effortlessly incorporate our software, enabling the streaming of real-time on-chain data to any subscriber.

During this development phase, we are committed to constructing a comprehensive protocol composed of three crucial components. Firstly, publisher nodes will push on-chain data to the network. Secondly, broker nodes will manage the access and availability of the data. Lastly, subscribers, as the end consumers, will integrate the on-chain data into their dApps, analytics platforms, or algorithms, through SDKs in widely-used languages.

Pillar II

Our second pillar extends and enhances the data streaming functionality outlined in the first pillar. This development will empower users to engage with and learn from historical data in a dynamic, ongoing manner. By offering a streaming database for historical data, we facilitate efficient access to past information and its seamless integration with real-time data streams under a unified schema.

This pillar represents a critical aspect of the overarching Syntropy vision. It bridges the gap between real-time and historical data, unlocking its potential for a host of applications, including data availability and indexing solutions, among others. Through this holistic approach, we strive to offer a platform where the past and present coalesce, fostering an ecosystem that capitalizes on the full spectrum of on-chain data.

Pillar III

The culmination of our vision lies in the creation of the Syntropy Data Availability Layer, a crucial step towards resolving the notorious blockchain trilemma. Syntropy seeks to forge a comprehensive data availability layer where nodes can disseminate both transactional and availability proof data, substantially bolstering blockchain throughput.

This development is pivotal for constructing efficient light clients and high-performance rollup solutions, applicable across any blockchain where this model fits. We are committed to delivering an architecture that bridges efficiency, scalability, and security, transcending conventional boundaries in the blockchain sphere.

Find out more at our newly updated and revamped website that outlines our vision and mission to become the industry-leader in multi-chain data availability.

Coming up next

We are thrilled to announce our plan to launch a fully operational MVP product for real-time on-chain data streams by year-end. In the lead-up to this, anticipate a variety of proofs-of-concept and exclusive beta testing phases. We aim to release a comprehensive roadmap detailing these aspects by the end of Q2.

In line with these developments, we're excited to relaunch the Syntropy Builders Program, aimed at partnering with the finest developers in the Web3 space. We invite you to join this initiative to unlock exclusive opportunities. By joining, you can showcase your expertise, collaborate with premier Web3 developers, gain access to exclusive rewards, and be at the cutting edge of innovation. Apply today and join our community of passionate builders to transform the decentralized world together.

The Syntropy team is set to participate in multiple crypto conferences and hackathons throughout the year, underscoring our ambition for the Syntropy Data Availability Layer to become the go-to on-chain data solution for developers, dApps, and businesses across the Web3 industry. Our recent engagement at Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas, proved incredibly successful, asserting our protocol vision and generating multiple promising leads, including Aptos Labs. We eagerly anticipate maintaining this momentum, forging new partnerships as we continue to roll out our business development strategy throughout the year.

A personal message from the CEO

Dear Syntroopers,

I am excited to share a strategic shift towards on-chain data, marking an important moment for Syntropy within the Web3 landscape. This change is driven by our understanding of the market trajectory and the need to bridge the existing gaps within the industry.

Our extensive expertise in network architecture and data transport places us in a unique position to provide an efficient real-time and historical on-chain data solution. Supported by our successful $4 million fundraising, we are equipped to actualize this vision.

This evolution holds immense significance for Syntropy. It allows us to fully realize our potential and extend our protocol, establishing ourselves as a key player in the Web3 space. This opens avenues to provide more value to our community, through initiatives like the Syntropy Builders Program and increased participation in industry events.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we value your continued support. Thank you for being a part of the Syntropy story.

About Syntropy

Syntropy powers modular, interoperable data infrastructure across all major chains. At its core lies the Data Layer, a protocol serving as the customizable execution layer between all blockchains, allowing developers to build composable, use-case-specific, interoperable applications that can execute on any data from any chain.

To learn more about Syntropy, visit the Syntropy website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or blog.

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