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Domas Povilauskas

PCCW Global Signs Partnership With Syntropy

September 12, 2022

We just signed a partnership with one of the world’s largest ISPs, PCCW Global. This partnership will supercharge Syntropy’s network, and open up a huge Web3 use case for ISPs and businesses to monetize bandwidth through the Open Bandwidth Exchange (OBX).

Meet PCCW Global

PCCW Global is one of the most innovative global tier 1 Internet backbone service providers, whose participation in industry standards like cban is helping us all advance towards more reliable connectivity.

They own one of the largest fully-meshed IP backbone networks — it spans over 400 cities and has over 600,000 km of fiber.

Explore the PCCW Global Infrastructure Map  here.

Collaboration at a glance

Network operators have struggled to generate revenue from unused links across their infrastructure for years. With Syntropy’s technology, all ISPs and businesses can now open up their networks and utilize a vast part of their infrastructure that wasn’t used and accessible before. This is all possible with Open Bandwidth Exchange (OBX), where large ISPs like PCCW Global can trade Internet bandwidth in an open market, using the NOIA token as the medium of exchange. We are the first in the Web3 industry to make bandwidth a tokenized commodity and thus positioning NOIA as a true utility token.

Syntropy and PCCW Global teams are working together on deploying and operating Syntropy DARP nodes across their network. This will make Syntropy Network much more powerful, provide the fastest and most cost-efficient path for data to travel between users, even across continents, and ultimately grow our network to new heights. For them, it’s a game changer since now they can unlock and monetize the bandwidth that would otherwise go unused.

Personal note

I’m confident that this partnership will become a catalyst for DARP to become an industry-standard protocol. You should think of PCCW Global as much more than a partner. They’re a founding member of Open Bandwidth Exchange (OBX), and together, we’ll recruit other founding members to help us build the future of Web3.

Shout out to the Syntropy team for rock-solid professionalism in ensuring a smooth business relationship and technical side of the partnership. Thank you, Marc Halbfinger, PCCW Global CEO, and your entire team for believing in Syntropy and helping us lay the first significant steps towards decentralizing the Internet and tokenizing bandwidth.

Learn more about the PCCW Global partnership  here.

Thank you for being part of this journey, and I look forward to chatting with you on our Telegram and Discord channels.

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Emilis Klybas

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