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Domantas Jaskunas

NOIA Token Release Schedule for 2023

January 19, 2023
Community Updates

In the previous year, we achieved a circulating supply of 635.2 million tokens, surpassing our forecasted amount of 606.9 million, resulting in a 4.45% surplus.

This was primarily due to the unfavorable and unpredictable nature of the market resulting in a higher token expenditure of the same dollar value. Due to these reasons, the future financing pool expenditure was different from the expected forecast.

As we move into the new year, we have developed an updated token release schedule for 2023, representing our most informed projections. However, as with any forecast, variations may occur.

Token release schedule for 2023

Disclaimer: Please note that the token release schedule presented is based on the information available at the time of this publication. As the company continues to evolve, the exact token allocations may be subject to change.

A breakdown of the table

  • Token Sale: The following section pertains to the token launch pad and private investments that have been secured by the company over the years. These tokens have been fully unlocked and will not have any additional impact on the circulating supply.
  • Team: The following section pertains to team tokens that have been released according to a pre-established vesting schedule. These tokens, which constitute a distinct pool, have now been fully unlocked and will not have any further influence on the circulating supply.
  • Advisors & Partners: The allocation of tokens to advisors and partners is a common practice within the cryptocurrency industry, as it serves to expand the scope and reach of the project. These tokens are released according to a pre-determined vesting schedule, and it is anticipated that 1.5 million tokens will enter the circulating supply in the year 2023.
  • Community & Marketing: It is projected that these expenditures will maintain a consistent rate over the course of the year, enabling us to financially support a variety of marketing efforts aimed at fostering community growth.
  • Future Financing: These tokens are designed to provide long-term support for the project and are allocated towards further development and growth to ensure the success of Syntropy. The projected token release amount for 2023 is higher than typical due to the anticipated trend of challenging market conditions.
  • Staking & Liquidity Programs: The following section pertains to staking and liquidity rewards that are released to the circulating supply on a monthly basis. As part of our efforts to promote liquidity on decentralized exchanges, we have implemented a Uniswap liquidity program. Our Validator program is currently on hold and 246.5 million tokens are locked through the Nominator staking program, which represents approximately 38% of the current circulating supply.


You can reach our community managers and executive team anytime through our Telegram and Discord channels. We are always pleased to hear from you and appreciate all the feedback you provide.

About Syntropy

Syntropy powers modular, interoperable data infrastructure across all major chains. At its core lies the Data Layer, a protocol serving as the customizable execution layer between all blockchains, allowing developers to build composable, use-case-specific, interoperable applications that can execute on any data from any chain.

To learn more about Syntropy, visit the Syntropy website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or blog.

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