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Syntropy July Monthly Update: The Dawn of Data Democratization

August 3, 2023
Community Updates

We couldn’t be more excited to bring back the Syntropy monthly updates, headlined by the much-anticipated unveiling of the Syntropy Data Layer. This marks a key transition from stealth mode to the public domain, fleshing out exactly how the new platform and ecosystem will look, feel, and function.

The Open Syntropy Initiative and revamped Syntropy Builders program were also rolled out to support development on the Syntropy Data Layer, enhancing community transparency and aiding the creation of applications powered by real-time blockchain data

But that’s just a glimpse of what we've achieved. From making critical builder connections at Hack Holland and ETHCC to unveiling our new roadmap, here’s everything Syntropy that went down in June and July.

Major topics include:

  • Unveiling the Syntropy Data Layer
  • Syntropy Roadmap 2023
  • Holland Hackathon Highlights
  • Syntropy Latency Studies
  • Syntropy Builders Program
  • Open Syntropy Initiative
  • Syntropy at EthCC
Unveiling the Syntropy Data Layer

June marked an exciting milestone for us – the introduction of the Syntropy Data Layer. Our vision is to democratize on-chain data access by establishing a decentralized, multi-purpose data availability layer for applications and blockchains. In a landscape dominated by centralized providers, we're building a 'public library' for blockchain data, with the $NOIA token as your library card.

Syntropy is fostering a data environment where information is accessible, shareable, and usable, promoting a cost-effective alternative to the current providers. Our innovative approach transforms the way dApps, developers, and end-users access data from any blockchain, replacing the reliance on traditional RPC nodes and APIs.

This transformation is set to deliver significant benefits to all stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem, breaking down the monopolies that prevent real-time data from being utilized to its full potential.

Curious about the strategy and rationale behind our pivot toward on-chain data? Learn more about it in our blog below.

Unveiling the Data Availability Layer for Web3
Syntropy’s new vision, the Data Availability Layer

For even more information and context about the Syntropy Data Layer, our co-founders Dom and Jonas addressed some of the most common questions from the Syntropy community in our recent AMA. You can listen to their conversation here.

Check out the Community AMA Recap for the Data Availability Layer
Syntropy Charts the Course Ahead

We've updated the Syntropy Roadmap to accommodate our recent innovations and outline our anticipated deliverables for the rest of 2023. We’re also giving a sneak peek into what 2024 might bring, including the full mainnet launch of the Data Layer. As the year winds down, we’ll also be releasing another update highlighting our specific targets in preparation for the mainnet launch.

Learn more about the Syntropy Roadmap

Following the roadmap update, co-founders Jonas and Dom took to Twitter Spaces to discuss Syntropy’s future and give more context to the upcoming roadmap milestones. For those who prefer an audio-visual format, check out their conversation on Twitter Spaces.

Holland Hackathon Highlights

June saw the Syntropy team traveling to Amsterdam for the Hack Holland hackathon hosted by Aptos. We relished the chance to demonstrate our Web3 solutions directly to the builders themselves. We also seized the opportunity to present the Syntropy Data Layer to the entire Aptos developer community and host a workshop for Aptos builders.

Read about Syntrops’s Hack Holland Adventure

Our DevRel, Beata Lipska, has shared her perspective about attending Aptos' Hack Holland event. To get an insider's view of the hackathon, click on the link above.

Velocity Victories in Blockchain Latency

We recently released two Syntropy Latency Studies to reinforce our progress and development of the Syntropy Data Layer. The purpose of these studies is to demonstrate one of the many advantages Syntropy brings over our competition.

Our first exploration was with Aptos Latency Testing. Syntropy displayed impressive early results, surpassing well-known industry benchmarks substantially. For an in-depth view of the Aptos Latency Study, read the complete results below.

Syntropy Outshines Centralized Solutions in Aptos Latency Testing
Syntropy Study: Aptos Blockchain Real-time Data Streams

Encouraged by the promising findings with Aptos, we proceeded to benchmark ourselves against other industry leaders in varying scenarios. Our subsequent tests revealed that Syntropy stood strong against the top names in on-chain data retrieval. We achieved superior results not only with completed transactions but also within the mempool. These outcomes support our initial hypotheses and cast a positive light on our path ahead.

Syntropy Study: Benchmarking Data Delivery and Latency on Ethereum
Syntropy Builders Program Reimagined

In line with the release of the Syntropy Data Layer, we have refreshed and upgraded the Syntropy Builders program. Designed to onboard Web3 builders and support them in bringing their innovative ideas to life, this program now includes grants, challenges, and bounties.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer to the Web3 space, the Syntropy Builders Program empowers you to contribute to our mission and gain valuable rewards.

Find out more about the Syntropy Builders Program and apply to be a part of our builders' team below.

Read all about the Syntropy Builders Program
A Commitment to Deeper Transparency

We've launched an internal proposal known as the Open Syntropy Initiative. This initiative's aim is to offer greater transparency into the inner workings of the Syntropy team, showcasing not just the finished product but also the milestones and achievements along the way.

By sharing frequent updates on the Syntropy Twitter page and summarizing them in each monthly update, we hope to provide clearer insight into our daily operations and development progress.

Catch up with the most recent July OSI tweets here:

Gustas Engages and Deciphers EthCC '23

Syntropy Partnerships Lead Gustas participated in EthCC '23 Paris, one of the biggest blockchain events in Europe this year. Spanning four days, Gustas connected with an extensive network of developers, builders, founders, executives, and creators in the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. While at the same time, gauging data availability and usage challenges in Web3.

Gustas investigated the sentiment around projects and protocols relying on centralized data providers. Seeking to understand their choice of providers, many projects referenced the use of costly self-hosted nodes. He explored whether open-source and decentralized access to streaming and historical blockchain data might influence these projects' approaches to accessibility and usability.

In his conversations, Gustas identified a new trilemma facing dApps – cost, performance, and the decentralization of infrastructure. Many L1 & L2 networks spoke of high onboarding fees, in the millions, necessary to publish their data. Gustas emphasized the profound challenge this poses for our industry regarding access to decentralized blockchain data.

Indeed, despite blockchain data originating in a decentralized environment, it often gets transferred to centralized systems for storage and indexing. This process creates an oligopolistic market, where a few suppliers control access to blockchain data. However, amidst these challenges, there was palpable admiration for Syntropy's decentralized approach.

Syntropy aims to solve this problem by incentivizing individual builders and communities across all L1/L2 ecosystems to run independent publisher nodes. This approach democratizes access to users and dApps of any particular ecosystem or community. Overall, EthCC '23 was a fertile ground for insightful discussions about the future of decentralized blockchain data.

It was a privilege for Gustas to be part of this engaging gathering, and we at Syntropy eagerly anticipate the industry's evolution. Stay tuned for more insights and updates from Gustas as he continues to champion Syntropy's mission at other leading industry events.

That wraps up our July update. It's been one of the busiest months for us at Syntropy as we are all hands on the Syntropy Data Layer. As we continue our mission to democratize blockchain data access, we're excited to continually share our progress and milestones with the Syntropy community and the entire Web3 ecosystem.

Stay tuned for updates on the Syntropy Builders Program, our presence at live events, and much more!

You can reach our community managers anytime through our Telegram and Discord channels. We’re always pleased to hear from you and appreciate all the feedback you provide.

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About Syntropy:

Syntropy delivers scalable, ultra-fast on-chain data for Web3 across DeFi trading protocols, projects, and ventures. Syntropy revolutionizes access to real-time blockchain data, providing on-demand, low-latency streams of transactional data directly from the mempool. Syntropy works on a decentralized architecture, enabling trust free, oracle-grade access to Web3 data.

To learn more about Syntropy, visit the Syntropy website, Twitter, Telegram, Discord or blog.